Difference between package.json and package-lock.json

Umar Farooque Khan
2 min readJun 20, 2023

The package.json and package-lock.json files are both important components of a Node.js project, but they serve different purposes. Here are the main differences between them:


package.json: This file is primarily used for managing and documenting metadata about the project, including its name, version, author, dependencies, scripts, and other configuration details. It acts as a manifest for the project.

package-lock.json: This file is generated and updated automatically by npm when installing or updating packages. It is used to lock the exact versions of dependencies installed in the project, ensuring reproducibility and consistent installations across different environments.

Dependency Specification:

package.json: It contains the list of dependencies required for the project, along with their desired version ranges specified using semantic versioning or specific version numbers.

package-lock.json: It includes the specific resolved versions of all the dependencies, their sub-dependencies, and their exact installation locations. It acts as a snapshot of the dependency tree for ensuring consistent installations.

Version Control:

package.json: It is typically tracked in version control systems like Git and serves as a shared configuration file among project contributors.

package-lock.json: It is also tracked in version control systems to ensure consistent dependency installations across different development environments.

Manual Editing:

package.json: Developers manually edit this file to add or remove dependencies, modify scripts, update version ranges, or make other configuration changes.

package-lock.json: It is generally not meant to be manually edited, as it is managed automatically by npm. Manual changes to this file can lead to inconsistencies or conflicts in dependency resolution.


In summary, the package.json file focuses on project metadata and specifying the desired versions of dependencies, while the package-lock.json file ensures deterministic installations by locking the exact versions of dependencies and their dependencies. Both files are essential for managing dependencies, but they serve different purposes in the Node.js development workflow.

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